Pizza Pizza Menu Prices in Canada

When it comes to pizza, Pizza Pizza Ltd. is a popular name among Canadians. Its success stems mostly from the fact that they prioritize its consumers in all areas, even going so far as to include a Create Your Own Pizza option on the menu to accommodate specific customer preferences.

Michael Overs founded Pizza Pizza in Toronto, Ontario. On December 31, 1967, he launched the first restaurant. It has to have been the most incredible way to finish the year.

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The rapid development of Pizza Pizza in its early years was remarkable, and within a few years, the business had spread throughout nearly all of Ontario, and subsequently to Quebec, Western Canada, and other locations.

The number of Pizza Pizza outlets in Canada has already surpassed 500. This achievement brings them a lot of clients on a daily basis and keeps them on track.

Pizza Pizza Canada Menu includes pricing for pizza, sandwiches, salads, pasta, and appetizers, as well as Pizza Nutrition Facts & Calories.

The most recent Pizza Pizza menu pricing in Canada, as well as a bit of history about your favorite pizza chain in Canada.

Here is the most recent Pizza Pizza menu pricing in Canada:

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Pizza Pizza Menu Prices in Canada 2021

Small Classic Pizza

Menu ItemsPrices
Chicken Bruschetta Parmesan$14.79
Tropical Hawaiian$13.29
Meat Supreme$13.79
Sweet Chilli Thai$14.79
Spicy BBQ$13.29
Sausage Mushroom$10.69
Hot and Spicy$10.69
Classic Super$12.19
Garden Veggie$12.19
Pesto Amore$13.79

Medium Classic Pizza

Menu ItemsPrices
Chicken Bruschetta Parmesan$16.99
Tropical Hawaiian$15.29
Meat Supreme$15.99
Sweet Chilli Thai$16.99
Spicy BBQ$15.29
Sausage Mushroom$12.69
Hot and Spicy$12.69
Classic Super$14.29
Garden Veggie$14.29
Pesto Amore$15.99

Large Classic Pizza

Menu ItemsPrices
Chicken Bruschetta Parmesan$19.79
Tropical Hawaiian$17.99
Meat Supreme$19.29
Sweet Chilli Thai$19.79
Spicy BBQ$17.99
Sausage Mushroom$15.29
Hot and Spicy$15.29
Classic Super$17.29
Garden Veggie$17.29
Pesto Amore$19.29

X-Large Classic Pizza

Menu ItemsPrices
Chicken Bruschetta Parmesan$23.29
Tropical Hawaiian$21.49
Meat Supreme$23.29
Sweet Chilli Thai$23.29
Spicy BBQ$21.49
Sausage Mushroom$18.79
Hot and Spicy$18.79
Classic Super$20.79
Garden Veggie$20.79
Pesto Amore$23.29

Create Your Own Pizza

Menu ItemsPrices
Small Pizza$7.79
Medium Pizza$9.29
Large Pizza$11.29
X-Large Pizza$14.49

Gluten Friendly Pizza

Menu ItemsPrices
10 Inch$8.29


Menu ItemsPrices
Classic Wings and Dip 10 Pcs$12.49
Classic Wings and Dip 20 Pcs$23.49


Menu ItemsPrices

Breaded Wings

Menu ItemsPrices
Breaded Wings and Dip 10 Pcs$12.49
Breaded Wings and Dip 20 Pcs$23.49

Chicken Bites

Menu ItemsPrices
Chicken Bites and Dip 10 Pcs$12.49
Chicken Bits and Dip 20 Pcs$23.49

Fresh Salads

Menu ItemsPrices
Mediterrenean Greek$7.29
Garden Veggie$5.85


Menu ItemsPrices
Mediterrenean Greek Salad$4.09
Garden Veggie Salad$3.85
Caesar Salad$3.85
Big Box Fries$4.89
Dipping Sauce$0.99
Jalapeno Poppers 8 Pcs$5.99
Crunch Bill Pickles 10 Pcs$5.99
Big Box Onion Rings$5.29
Big Box Potato Wedges$4.89
Half Moom Cheesy Bread$5.19
Funnel Cake Stix$6.29
Two Bite Brownies 12 Pcs$4.29
Garlic Bread$5.49


Menu ItemsPrices
Canned Pop$1.95

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